The Perry Method

Posture and movement is a habit

Congruent posture and movement patterns not only free up physical power but are an integral part of our mental and emotional processing – a concept very well understood in the world of yoga, tai chi and other body mind systems.

How about changing the way you feel by having the right posture and a better quality of your movement? How about getting improved posture, mobility, alignment and enhanced activities through very simple and easy movements? How about directly communicating with the neurology by using the universal language of touch without the barrier of language?

The origins of the method

The Perry Method is based on over 35 years of development and practice by Drs Ron and Edie Perry, and utilizes neurological and biomechanical principles, which have their roots in ancient martial arts. It revolves around the strong alignment of bones, good coordination of  the stabilizing muscles with movement generating muscles. The neurological principles applied are simple yet profound and considers the body and mind as one unit, teaching and negotiating change rather than forcing it, by gently introducing choice for DE-habituating familiar sensory motor pathways in the brain and rather allowing the nervous system to explore and determine better, more effective muscle patterning.

The Perry Method was inspired and influenced by Moshe Feldenkrais (Feldenkrais method), by Dr. Richard Bandler (co-creator of NLP® and Bandler Technologies®), functional neurology (Dr. Carrick), and a wide range of techniques and principles from manual therapy forms, yoga, tai chi and other 60+ systems.

Changing unconscious physical patterns

Patterns of physiology are laid down in a simple way. We learn how to move and use our bodies first from reflex, then developing movents from watching and copying the people around us. Throughout our lives we keep on experimenting based on environmental factors. After plenty of repetitions movements and postures become unconscious patterns.

When body parts become unbalanced and weakened by these habits, they can cause many physical difficulties and injuries. Resetting these unconscious movements and postures by engaging your neurological system is the secret of becoming mentally and physically more stable and naturally stronger.

The practitioners use gentle manipulation of the body and induce therapeutic states which creates fast and effective ways to change muscular tension, posture and more comfort.

Rewiring the brain

Extending the range and precision of movement requires educating the nervous system to do something different at the unconscious level. With the Perry Method you can teach your body and mind to be smarter and function better. The good news is that everyone has the potential for more effective, graceful movement and more complete comfortable resting states. 

Unlike other manual therapies, The Perry Method avoids physical stress and discomfort; instead, it emphasizes ease of movement through the somatic three planes of motion to support healing and integration. With self awareness and quality movements through this sensory based system you are not only changing your posture and health but your overall well-being. And as a bonus the better you feel the better decisions you make!

Through the Perry Method you will learn a multitude of techniques to understand how kinesthetics work and heighten your sensory acuity to remarkable precision. You will refine embodying and transmitting healing states and wellbeing. Using mindful movements you balance the brain and gain calibration skills to create conscious and unconscious alignment, noticing the signals through increased physical symmetry. The method delivers immediate improvement and sets up conditions to effect deeper, more lasting change. and congruent new direction. 

The Perry Method is for everyone

The strategies and methods within the Perry Method aren’t reserved for academics. You don’t need to be a healer, doctor, chiropractor, therapist, coach, trainer or athlete to enjoy its benefits.

If you are a human being possessing a healthy drive to expand your knowledge of the Self, and are deeply curious, willing to explore alternate domains of mind, body and spirit healing, then YOU are the ideal student!

As part of the re-programming the Perry Method uses powerful states to both entrain physiology and selectively filter sensory reality using specific ‘touching’ to train new freedoms of physicality. Having learned these skills you will be able to release discomfort, restore balance, improve mobility and increase the grace of movement in others. And most of all – within yourself.

Changes are rapid, and often times long term physical problems disappear like magic.