Dr. Edie Perry

With a double major in mathematics and accounting, Edie began her working life as a computer programmer before a series of events and a failing of traditional medicine led her on her true path of alternative medicine.

Studying several energy techniques led her to acupressure, then Edie enrolled at chiropractic school and she started to learn and practice the Feldenkrais Method. During the course she met her late husband Dr. Ron Perry, who treated Edie’s medical condition with huge success, then together they started to do more research and experiments to explore and develop treatment therapies and self-rehabilitation programs what became the Perry Method, Patterns of Physical Transformation.

During the next 30 years her insatiable curiosity led her to ceaselessly study. She got seriously involved in several healing techniques: energy work, acupressure, functional neurology, biofeedback and bodywork practice, cranial and osteopathic techniques, applied kinesiology, sensory based therapeutic systems, NLP and Bandler Technologies, meditation, Tai Chi and Chi Gung among many other related methods. She has lifelong interest and study in physiological correlates of mental and emotional processes and methods to change them; body-mind systems that focus on changing thinking to affect body. She got grounded in the value of building on existing research knowledge base and applying scientific method. 

Edie currently lives in Florida and she has been traveling the world teaching the Perry Method to therapists, coaches, trainers, athletes, and health professionals.

Dr. Ron Perry

Having conducted over 25,000 private therapy sessions, Dr Ron Perry’s kinesthetic ability and the ability to cultivate states of comfort and harmony in his patients was renowned.

Ron studied over 50 types of healing techniques and was also a student of numerous martial arts. He started body-mind studies in the early 1970’s, he was formally taught meditation technique, energy work and self hypnosis

Having graduated with a Masters Degree in Psychology with a specialization in body-mind therapies, and a licensed Chiropractic physician, Ron spent his life studying, modeling, decoding, encoding and exploring various healing systems which claimed to produce consistent results.

Ron was a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner having studied personally with Moshe Feldenkrais who became a big influence on Ron’s work, and it was on his advice that Ron studied with Dr. Richard Bandler, founder of Neuro Linguistic Programming, interpreting and further developing the technique into a kinesthetic model. His association and research with Dr. Bandler of over a decade led to his becoming certified by Dr. Bandler as a master trainer of Neuro linguistic programming and other hypnotic Bandler technologies.

Ron was a natural teacher, he loved to share his life’s work with anyone that was interested in learning it. He started to develop the Perry Method with his wife in the 80’s.

Dr. Ron Perry passed away in 2012 and his wife Edie continues to manage their private practice in Boca Raton and share their legacy with students around the world.